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Ink to Film

Jan 25, 2018

Before the release of the brand-new Netflix series, the guys go back to the source with Richard K. Morgan’s 2002 postcyberpunk novel, "Altered Carbon." In part one of their coverage they try something a little different by beginning with a robust NON-SPOILER section for anyone curious about the novel but wanting to stay unspoiled for the series. They begin by talking about the author’s bio and career, the premise of the novel’s tech, the background of main character Takeshi Kovacs, and the mystery surrounding the murder of Laurens Bancroft. They end the non-spoiler talk with a debate about the philosophical questions raised by the sleeve-tech in the novel.

In the second part of the episode, they get into plot and describe Kovacs’ investigation and all the salacious things he uncovers, discuss some particularly graphic scenes, then end by theorizing on who will ultimately be revealed to be the murderer.





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Ross Bugden