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Ink to Film

Jul 5, 2018

Bret Easton Ellis is (in)famous for his controversial novel about suave serial killer Patrick Bateman, the famously unreliable narrator of AMERICAN PSYCHO. A book that was critically panned on its release and caused such an uproar with its portrayal of sadistic violence, misogyny, racism, and more that it was dropped by its publisher shortly after release. Yet, the legacy of the book lives on and even evolved over time. Luke & James discuss their experience reading the classic inspiration for the film and try to understand what makes it compelling.

Topics include: Patriotism, The History of the Novel, Donald Trump and How Bateman Might View Him Today, Narcissism, the Emptiness of Materialism, Ambiguity in Fiction, One-Upping Serial Killers, Pathological Lying, a Surprise Cameo by Tom Cruise, Patterns with Serial Killers, Using Form to Indicate Mental State, Privilege, and Bateman’s Constant Cruelty.

Join them next week when they discuss Mary Harron’s adaptation featuring Christian Bale!

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