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Ink to Film

May 16, 2019

THE TWILIGHT ZONE is an iconic piece of television history, and this Richard Matheson short story provided the basis for one of its most legendary moments. Several versions of this tale have been put to screen, but we focus our discussion on the 1963 episode from the original run starring William Shatner and the 2019 Jordan-Peele-helmed reboot episode starring Adam Scott.

Spoilers for 2019 episode begin: 33:42

Topics include: Good Omens Giveaway announcement, Stephen King’s respect for Matheson, the paranoia and isolation of not being believed, the gremlin’s infamous look, shared human fears, the legacy of the original Twilight Zone, the casting of Adam Scott, the big new twist on the old monster, Dan Carlin as the true crime podcast host, the questionable second ending, the influence of Black Mirror, and our interest in the reboot going forward.

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