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Ink to Film

Jul 25, 2019

How does Stanley Kubrick’s Cold War satire hold up for a modern audience? Join Luke & James as they discuss all the behind the scenes stories, social themes, dark comedy, and brilliant acting of this legendary film adapted from the novel “Red Alert” by Peter George.

Note: This episode is a Jukebox Hero commission funded by the generosity of Steven E. through Ink to Film’s Patreon. Visit to learn all about our SPECIAL OFFER lasting until August 11th and how to earn a free token you can use to commission a book-to-film project of your own!

Topics Include: the phallic symbolism, Peter Sellers playing 3 incredible roles, George C. Scott’s over-the-top effort as Buck Turgidson, Sterling Haydin’s Jack D. Ripper and his obsession with bodily fluids, Slim Pickens not knowing he was in a comedy, parallels in idiocy in the modern US government, and the wild, memorable antics inside The War Room.

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