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Ink to Film

Jul 26, 2018

The original summer blockbuster, directed by none other than Stephen Spielberg himself, provides the perfect subject matter for Ink to Film’s 50th episode. Luke and James begin with a brief retrospective, then charge into an iconic piece of cinema history. Reading Peter Benchley’s novel only deepens the experience of watching the movie again. Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Schneider, and Robert Shaw each deliver iconic performances that stand the test of time.

Topics include: the creation of the water-based-monster genre, Spielberg’s Hitchcock influence, the legacy of Jaws, problems with shark sleds, a whisky comparison to adaptations, dogs freaking out, Luke’s upcoming trip to Martha’s Vineyard for the Viable Paradise workshop, the role of humor in this story, Chekov’s old sea dog, subtext in dialogue, male bonding, the famous misquoted line, the scars on-upping scene, the U.S.S. Indianapolis story and how it defines Quint, Hooper’s change of heart, and Brody rising to the occasion once all safety nets are gone.


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