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Ink to Film

Jan 16, 2020

SciFi author Curtis C. Chen joins the show to discuss Edgar Rice Burroughs' original "planetary romance,” A PRINCESS OF MARS. From its early pulp magazine origins to its sweeping influence on the SciFi of today, the story of John Carter is an important piece of literary history. In episode 121, Luke, James, and Curtis prove that there’s more to ERB than just Tarzan!

And make sure to listen to find out how to enter to win a signed copy of both of Curtis’s novels, WAYPOINT KANGAROO and KANGAROO TOO! 

Topics include: John Carter’s extraordinary punches, Mars doggos, Normal Bean, the stories your grandpa might tell, wanting more Dejah Thoris, Luke messing up another name, the under-used psychic powers, a shout-out to a few easter egg's in Curtis's work, and who they ultimately think should read this novel.

Join Luke, James, AND Curtis again next week as they discuss the 2012 film, “John Carter!”

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